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Nu Wheel can save you money with its Wheel Repair Services, Some thoughts to Consider with your wheels...
They must be replaced if fractures or obvious deformation in
the center hub or
support structure exist.
Pay particular attention to deep scratches, since they may actually be fractures which could lead to wheel failure.

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services for Wheel Repair and Refinishing


The process of aluminum alloy wheel repair includes cleaning, checking the rim for balance and straightness, and restoring the wheel to factory finish.
Cosmetic TIG welding and straightening is included in all wheel restorations!

All work is guaranteed
for as long as the customer owns the vehicle.

As the popularity of stylish aluminum alloy wheels has grown in popularity, so has the cost of replacement. Typically, replacement cost of the original equipment alloy wheel runs $300 upwards to $1000. Nu Wheel can repair and refinish most damaged wheels for a fraction of the cost.

Frequently encountered damage may include surface abrasions, corrosion and a damaged tire retaining lip (such as scrapes, a bent lip, and a cracked or broken off piece of the rim lip.)

Once thought to be non-repairable, cast aluminum and related alloy wheels are repairable, but only if done by a knowledgeable technician with the proper equipment for straightening, welding and refinishing.


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